Sometimes a traditional ticket just won't do as events which feature multiple rooms, re-entry policies or which are held over a few days require something a little more robust than paper. Tyvek wristbands can't be pulled or ripped off and can only be removed by being cut which can eliminate the risk of people passing wristbands onto other people or losing tickets and being refused re-entry into events.

Wristbands are ideal for festivals, shows, theme parks, sporting events and any other occasion which requires security as they provide a simple and affordable way for you to have tighter control over the security of your event. These wristbands are also ideal for indoor events such as gigs or conferences as people can easily enter and leave the venue to smoke or to take a phone call for example.

We use Tyvek wristbands which are made from plasticised paper so they are comfy to wear and can be adjusted to suit any wrist size when they are put on your customers' wrists. These wristbands are also a great marketing opportunity for your business as they are available in 10 different colours and can be printed with your event or company details on them.

To find out more about our wristband printing services please get in touch on 0114 2513130.

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    • Printed: 8p Per Wristband (subject to minimum order)
    • Unprinted: 6p Per Wristband (subject to minimum order)