Security Tickets
Hi-Tech Security Print's worldwide exclusive watermarked paper

We have worldwide exclusivity on the watermarked paper we use. This means no other company can use the same watermark as us which dramatically increases the security levels of our tickets. The paper also contains two different coloured UV fibres which only become visible under UV light.

Pen Reactive UV Ink

All security tickets have an intricate pattern of Pen Reactive UV ink printed on the reverse, which only become visible under UV light or when swiped with one of our special UV pens.

Standard Tickets
Our standard tickets are available in eight different colours and are perforated to create three or four part tickets. Standard tickets are ideal for smaller events such as local theatre productions and school proms

Season Tickets
Season tickets can be tailored to suit the brand of your football club
or any other sports association to capture the essence of the club
and ensure games are securely ticketed.

Box Office Tickets
Tickets are a cost-effective way to monitor the admission of any event
from outdoor shows and fairs to conferences and exhibitions.
As well as providing the tickets we can also handle any extras
such as car park passes and drinks tokens so your event
can run as smoothly as possible.