Security Tickets
Over 30 years of experience in the ticketing industry has enabled us to develop a range of security features for our tickets which can be adapted to meet the specific requirements for your company and your event.

Standard features
Hi-Tech Security Print's worldwide exclusive watermarked paper
We have worldwide exclusivity on the watermarked paper we use which means no other company can use the same watermark as us which dramatically increases the security levels of our tickets. The paper also contains two different coloured UV fibres which only becomes visible under UV light.

Pen Reactive UV Ink
All security tickets have an intricate pattern of Pen Reactive UV ink printed on the reverse, which only becomes visible under UV light or when swiped with one of special UV pens.

Extra optional security features

Metallic foil
Stock designs of metallic foil can be added to increase the visible security and enhance
the look of your tickets. Tickets can also be fully foiled to give your tickets that extra
special look. You can use your own foil design too, please call us to discuss this.

Hi-Tech Security Print's worldwide exclusive hologram
We have our own hologram which no other company in the world has
and this can be hot foiled onto the ticket. This greatly increases the
security of the ticket and is a highly visible deterrent to counterfeiters
as well as enhancing the appearance of the document.