How much do the tickets cost?

The price of the tickets will depend on the amount of tickets you require and also the security levels of the tickets.

How soon can my tickets be delivered?

Wherever possible we will deliver your tickets to you within three working days (or less if we can). Delivery times do depend on the amount of tickets you order and also the security features and design of the tickets.

When you order your tickets we will give you an accurate delivery time and keep you updated on the progress of your tickets. All tickets are delivered by Interlink Express which offer a secure 'sign for' service.

Can I have my own artwork on the tickets?

Standard and security tickets can include your company logo and details of your event but you can also have your artwork printed on our security tickets or we can print your own full colour souvenir tickets. For more information just give us a call 0114 251 3130.

How many tickets can I have in a book?

We provide up to 100 tickets per book and we'll supply as many books of tickets as you need. You can order as few tickets as you require but if you require less than 20 per book an additional charge is made.

Can I have "row and seat" or "table" details printed on the tickets?

Yes but they are slightly more expensive to cover the cost of setting up and maintaining the seating plan database

Can I have my own foil design?

We can produce a foiling die bespoke to your company and there is an additional one off charge for this.

Can I place an order over the phone?

Although we can discuss your order over the phone, for security reasons we will ask you to e-mail, fax or post a written request before we start work.

Is there a minimum order?

There's no minimum order but there is a minimum order charge which is between 500 – 600 tickets depending on the type and style of the ticket you require.

Can I have different coloured background tickets for the same event?

Yes, as long as they are run together. A different coloured ticket can be used for different denominations or VIPs for example at no extra charge.

Can I pay extra for a quicker than three day turnaround?

We endeavour to deliver your tickets to you as quickly as possible. If workload permits and it is possible to get tickets printed in less than three days we would do so at no extra cost to you.

Can the tickets be printed on the reverse?

Yes - information, maps, ground plans and adverts can all be printed on the reverse of the tickets. There is a small charge which is dependent on whether the print is black or in colour.

Will I see the design before the tickets are printed?

Yes all jobs are sent to the customer for approval before they are printed. If a customer does not want to see the design before the tickets are printed then Hi-Tech Security Print cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions on the designs.

Can I design my own tickets?

Yes we can email you a template for you to base your design around.

Do I pay extra for different shows?

Once the minimum order quantity has been reached you are charged on the total number of tickets you have printed whether that's for two or more shows. The more tickets you order together, the cheaper per thousand they are.

Are my tickets numbered?

All tickets are numbered on all sections unless otherwise requested. All tickets will start from 00001 unless a different start number or range is requested.

Can I design my own?

Yes, you can send a design via the Enquiry/Order page or you can download an order form from the same page and e-mail or fax it to us.